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Spyrospan recording at Sierra studios, Athens

Hanging on a dream artwork

Hanging on a dream booklet


Mic placement at Sierra studio A recording room

Biscuit & Spyrospan mixing at Studio A of the Sierra complex

Vintage mics

Spyrospan – Hanging on a dream

Recording and production of the debut album Hanging on a Dream by hang drum artist Spyros Pan. Spyros has been working on his compositions for over a year and his efforts resulted a 12-track album recorded in July 2009.

Capturing the sound of the Hang is a challenging task. For this reason, biscuit approached the recording in a rather experimental way using a mix of several vintage mics and special mic placements in Studio A of the Sierra Studios complex. A total of 12 Mics were used to capture the full sound of the hang and then mixed on a NEVE 8078 40/32 analog console.

The mix down of the 12 individual microphone signals varies from track to track depending on the necessity of each one,  resulting in an organic fusion of sounds. The mastering of the album was completed in the UK by Christopher Leary (aka Ochre) of Melograf Mastering.

DATE | 2009